Tarcoola project scheme


Melbourne, australia




Interior Design

Branded spaces

Furniture selection

Sustainable design

Decor & styling

Faced with providing an exciting four bedroom family home situated on an awkward shaped sloping site on a busy road, Tarcoola responds by fanning out in a dynamic angular plan with uplifting moments in all corners of the dwelling. The brief called for a richness in finishes, which drives the external emphasis on elegant timber and stone craftsmanship.
The raw sandstone adapts internally with more refined touches to the material palette.

Considering the overall footprint of the building, street presence has been kept to a minimum with glimpses of existing trees through and past the built form. A planted roof and green wall towards the street also provide a softer facade.

The attention to detail the project deserved was appreciated by all involved. At each stage
of design and construction, conversations between the client, architect, builder and other trades or consultants ensured the vision for the house was understood at all levels. Whether explaining timber cladding junctions, understanding stone laying details, or developing landscaping, all
had an active role in ensuring that the finished work represented the intent.


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